Tips to interpret the gestures of babies

Are you surprised yourself deciphering the body language of your baby? From here we miss a hand so it will be easier. When babies do not yet speak, there are gestures and attitudes that usually can tell us a lot about how they feel; do not miss the following to better connect with your child.

body language of your baby

Body language is everything that is transmitted through gestures, movements and attitudes that manifest through the body. For infants interpretation is extremely important for us to understand what they need.

Signs giving babies

Your baby is sleepy

Starts blinking his eyes slowly, yawn, and carry his little hands in the eyes; other babies also touch or pull their ears. Generally the whole picture is accompanied by a whining identified as nuisance. Read the rest of this entry »

4 basic items that need a newborn baby

Your baby is born, but you still have doubts about what clothes you need for your first weeks of life. Several questions occupy your mind: “If you need lots of winter clothes or be overwhelmed with so many layers?” “If it’s hot you still need to put a layer of clothing that is warm?” In this article we will answer these and other questions about the clothes you need for a newborn baby.

baby clothes

Clothing a newborn baby and everything in general should be comfortable for him and easy to apply and remove for parents. It is customary in the early days, a lot of newborn clothes dirty, so we advise you to have enough clothes to change several times a day.


Depending on the time of year when you have your baby, buy rompers summer or winter. They are most practical for dressing babies as they are one piece, easy to put on and remove. Notice that you buy rompers are soft and wide openings, especially to introduce and remove the head of your baby. Read the rest of this entry »

Symptoms and treatment for scarlet fever in infants

The scarlet fever is a rare bacterial disease that causes a pinkish or red rash that note as sandpaper and mainly affects children between 2 and 10 years. We told you the symptoms and treatment for scarlet fever in infants.

scarlet fever in infants

It is caused by infection with Group A Streptococcus, the same bacteria that causes strep throat.

Symptoms of scarlet fever

The symptoms of scarlet fever usually appears three days after exposure to another person with the disease and typically include:

What is childhood amnesia?

Try to remember your first memory, are you able to get? If your answer is yes, it is likely to be after three years, right? Probably it is not, because no one can remember absolutely anything of his baby stage. Failing to recall any experience of before three or four years is called infantile amnesia also known as childhood amnesia. Before this age there are a few and vague memories of childhood.

childhood amnesia

It is the same for everyone since the first memory can be influenced by the experiences of each, which is usually a fact that brand to be remembered.

Why do not remember anything before 3 years?

Why did not remember anything if the child is conscious during those years? A child during this time it does is learning, acquire and retain information as possible in order to develop properly in the environment in which they find themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

How to burp your baby

Burping is very important for all babies, because if they do not you can be gases, something that could cause very annoying and painful cramps. Burping is natural but to do so babies can be quite an ordeal, because they must know some techniques to facilitate the removal of air.

How to burp your baby

Why burp babies?

Each time you feed your baby, swallow air along with the food and collects in the stomach in the form of gases, which can cause discomfort and cramping. With this release you can burp air and feel more and more comfortable and less fatigued. After burping, if still hungry is likely to demand more food.

Children when they are older also burped for excess air in the stomach, as well as the adults. But in these cases the problem is not the same and do not need to burp as often as babies. Read the rest of this entry »

How does a baby brain develop?

The experiences and the experiences that have babies while they develop are modeling your brain to adapt to the environment. This molding is throughout life because it is the only way humans can adapt to the world around him. Are you curious to know how your baby’s brain develops to adapt to the environment and how it is able to develop and engage in any context? Attentive! We’ll explain below.

baby brain development

The baby’s brain

The baby’s brain has all the structures corresponding to the adult brain, but is immature, so they can develop in many different ways. For example, a baby can learn any language and have a perfect accent, and even learn more than one language at the same time.

This brain plasticity allows the baby to have a great capacity for learning any field. In an environment with many incentives for their proper development, lots of love, unconditional love and support of parents, the baby may learn more than you can imagine, as it will have optimal brain development. Read the rest of this entry »

Why babies change their eye color?

Your offspring is born with two blue lanterns. However, over the months that initial color has gone dark. Well, do not be alarmed; this color transformation is nothing abnormal. For peace of mind, today we will explain why babies change their eye color.

baby eye

Eyes of heaven

Most babies are born with blue eyes. However, this feature tends to mutate in the first year of life and, in most cases determined by the darkening of the iris. This change is attributed mainly to the production of melanin. Thus, this pigment is not present at birth, but over the months begins to manifest. However, not all light eyes are intended to darken; this will depend on the genes that are activated (the key) and not (recessive). Read the rest of this entry »

Advice to massage the baby in the bathroom

The massage is a beautiful way to express your love and care to small; we give some tips to massage the baby in the bath that may be of interest.

baby massage

In addition to soothe and help you sleep, the massage has many additional benefits for your baby, including improved weight gain, it helps to have a good digestion, improves circulation and relieves teething pain.

A good time to massage the baby, is the bathroom, it helps you stay calm, very relaxed and ready to sleep all night. Read the rest of this entry »

Best bathing for your baby with natural gas

The natural gas is one of the most clean, comfortable and safe to install energy that we can include in our homes to create that warm atmosphere requiring each of the rooms in our home when the cold gets worse and our babies require shelter and heat, do you want to know the advantages of this gas for pregnant women and future children?

baby with natural gas

Our kids, especially when just having a few months of life, require our full attention for the sake of that in the not-too-distant future to enjoy an enviable health status. The hygiene is one of the aspects that we look after our baby over to prevent any infection can affect your body. For their bathrooms week, we have to control the temperature of water to keep your body cool and any condition could damage their own welfare.

To get the most optimal conditions in this respect, first we must ensure that the ambient temperature of our bathroom is between 23 and 25 ° C, while the water where immerse our little should be between figures which correspond our body temperature, i.e. between 35 and 37 ° C. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for weaning baby

The weaning baby does not have to be a difficult task, you just need to find a way to choose the right time to ease the transition from breast to bottle and keep calm. In any case, we offer you some tips for weaning the baby.

Tips for weaning baby

If you are concerned about allergens, what you can do is extend the breastfeeding time instead of using formula milk based cow, can prevent or delay eczema, milk allergy, and wheezing in the first childhood.

If your child does not feel well, because he is teething, postpone the weaning baby until you feel better. Read the rest of this entry »