Breastfeeding after breast surgery

A percentage of women in the world have had surgery on their breasts, either increasing or decreasing them, which may have some consequences when they are pregnant and have to breastfeed. During these procedures sometimes cause damage in tissues, nerves and ducts, which makes this work of mother is a bit more complicated, but do not panic about it.

breastfeeding after breast surgery

You do not know if you have any damage to your breasts until they try to nurse your baby, so the first thing to do is ask for expert advice and guidance on breastfeeding for this work. On the third day after delivery, you can try to get milk for five minutes in each of your breasts, after trying to give some to your kid, to help out a bit more next time.

You may need to use one of these automatic pumps to help you try to milk out of your two breasts at the same time, to try to simulate the reflection should be automatic. You also need to let you know your doctor and your baby’s doctor about the surgery, so they can check more carefully to see if your baby is gaining proper weight when getting enough food.

If you can only produce a portion of the milk your baby needs, you may want to consider a supplemental feeding system to increase what he is eating. This apparatus consists of a plastic bag having breast milk or formula, which has flexible tubes that go into each breast. The idea is that your baby gets the tube in his mouth at the same time your nipple, and can consume from the two sources simultaneously.

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