How to remove phlegm in baby

Although sometimes disturbing, the presence of mucus in the baby is quite common, and it is more than the accumulation of mucus in the throat and can be different colors depending on the cause, caused by a variety of factors, such as severe colds, respiratory infection, allergies, cough or even acid reflux.

baby phlegm

Mucus is a liquid secreted by the mucous membranes, and the human body produces from 0.94 to 3.78 liters of mucus per day. Apart from the phlegm in the baby, the presence of mucus on the walls of the nostrils helps to collect particles, such as dust or pollen, which can be irritating.

It also helps to lubricate the airways, making breathing easier, and protect the esophagus and stomach acid stomach.
Causes of the appearance of mucus in the baby

Sometimes the body makes too much mucus, as with colds, upper respiratory infection, allergies, coughing or causes of the appearance of mucus in the baby. In these cases, leakage of mucus from the sinuses down by the back of the throat or are expelled from the lungs, and can be swallowed and end up in the stomach.

When swallowed too much secretion, can cause the body to begin presenting vomiting mucus, and over-the latter too thick can cause nausea. One of the main reasons for the baby’s phlegm due to a cold, allergies, or infection in the lungs, where it secretes large amount of mucus, and coughing forcefully, causing the gag reflex, and he vomit.
How to remove phlegm baby

There are several ways to remove phlegm:

Moisture increases

Moisture in the air can make it easier for a baby to drain the mucus, making it useful to use a cool mist humidifier or warm, you can put in the baby’s room to provide more moisture. A dry cough can be enhanced with hot steam, while a wet cough with a lot of mucus can be improved by cold vapor.

Raises the cradle

Raise the baby’s crib can help with drainage and breathing. To do this, place a pillow under the mattress or support one end of the crib with two books or pieces of wood.

Nasal saline and vacuum

A saline solution, you can find available in pharmacies, can help thin mucus that drains from the nostrils to the throat, for it places the baby on his back and inserts a 2 or 3 drops in each nostril and wait a few seconds. With the nasal aspirator, we will insert into each hole and sucks the mucus present, after use washes it with soap and water.


Garlic pose antimicrobial and expectorant benefits that will help eliminate mucus in the baby, so you can take a garlic supplement before feeding or add a few drops of tincture of garlic to prepare your baby’s bottle. Garlic decreases mucus production and reduces the incidence and duration of colds.

Garlic shaped drops

Nasal sprays are another way to help maintain your baby’s breathing right, clears mucus from the nasal passages and airways open. Crush the garlic cool to extract the juice and then you have to dilute it with 10 parts water. Use a dropper to administer gently a few drops in each nostril, which helps maintain a clean breath, but also serves to administer as broad-spectrum antibiotic.

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