Ideas to make original birthday cards

It is normal that we want our children to have a unique birthday party, they remember all their lives, for this you must take care of every single detail: decorations, games, food. We must not forget how important the invitations. In the market sell several models, but surely many very cute your little one will like a lot more that you do.

birthday cards

Cards that are sold in the homes of party favors are of different models and prices. Many of them come with the Disney characters or movies that are in fashion at the time, we’ll tell you how to craft models where your creativity can unfold.

Kids will call attention to the invitations of birthday that are colorful and fun, that predisposes them to attend a party where they will surely incredibly well. A good option is to make a collage using materials deferens as glues colors, tempera, crayons, fibrones, scraps of paper, cloth, etc.

A good idea is to make them with the children, who will enjoy creating their own birthday cards. You can also use coloring, cutting and pasting fashionable characters on a card. Another option that I found very nice is to build a kind of closeup and paste in a photo of the birthday, and this type of card can serve as a souvenir.

Before leaving you can feel some videos as inspiration tells you how to easily make a card with few materials and easy assembly. For this you will need:

  • ●Cardboard, paper or canson paper in the color that you want
  • ●Stencils, templates (you can make in a home)

Choose the model stencil or create one that you like, cut rectangular paper the measures you want (a good ideal size is 19 x 9 inches). Then you should not fold it in half for the largest part, bend part ¾ leaving a border of 2 cm guard. Place the stencil on the front and painted. Inside you can write your text or write it on your computer and print it.

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