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Tips for removing baby highchair to eat

Your baby is growing and soon will eat in his chair to sit at the table with the rest of the family. It is possible that this first change can be easy and will make illusion or otherwise, does not like it at all and want to begin with, and would not be playing with food, eating only what seems palatable. To help with the change, we tell you how to remove a baby highchair to eat.

baby highchair to eat

Family meals with the TV off

It is important that this point becomes a nice time where television skip the part shape and can talk about how we feel, if something important has happened or tell how the day went. Read the rest of this entry »

First baby steps: a whole scanner!

Does your baby already crawls or maybe has already begun to walk? Either way, your baby is already in motion … and that involve many risks! Now is a time when you must take into account many aspects of security and especially not remove your watchful eyes of your baby.

First baby steps

Not so long ago a baby just exploring what you gave him safely to suck and discover what it is. Now is he who wants to discover everything on your own and you must monitor his every move to prevent you from running any risk.

You baby is an explorer!

Now innate curiosity will not be able to do things quietly, and perhaps ever feel nervous, but you should not upset you and teach with patience and calm. Read the rest of this entry »

Different forms of the baby crawl

Is your baby already in the age of crawl? Then we are sure that you will like to read the following article. If so surely now it is not so quiet and already begins to move wanting to explore it all.

baby crawling

This new mobility makes you feel something more independent and will surely cost you to change his diaper and even his dress every day. It is something completely normal! Now your desire to discover new things is endless and it is at this stage of crawling so pretty that the laughter and family fun are guaranteed.

Your baby crawls different

Do not worry because not all babies crawl the same way. Even there are babies that the stage of the scrambling they skip it and go directly to stand. Read the rest of this entry »

How to improve social development from year

When little celebrates its first year of life, begins to interact more and more with people and things in their environment. If you want to improve social development through the year, you must do it through games and explanations that will make the child understand their emotions. Do you know how to do?

child social development

Games to enhance social development

If you’re organizing an afternoon of games, the first thing to do is participate. Why? Because the games must be cooperative, so the child learns to develop their social skills, and that in the not too distant future will be playing with other children. Believe it or not it is a time consuming process.

When the child begins to play with other children, it is best to do so with a variety of ages, and even is great to play with adults. The idea is that the child feels comfortable interacting with people of different ages. Read the rest of this entry »

How to know the mental age of your son

Unlike chronological age, which is the time from the birth of the child, we have to distinguish the mental age, which defines the degree of intelligence of the child in a particular age, and that can be measured through test to determine the intellectual level of a child.

baby mental age

You can perform a simple test to your child through drawing, to find out your mental age and know your sense of observation, provided that is old enough and able to draw figures with human aspect.

As scribble stage than at 3 or 4 years, the child begins to draw figures with human aspect that as time goes perfect with many details. It is capable of holding firmer pencil, rules his motor and combines the line and the circle. Read the rest of this entry »

The position of the baby and its development

How important are the stimuli in the first year of life of our baby! Every day parents celebrated their progress; we marvel at their small, everyday feats, enjoy your achievements and reward them with millions of kisses and cuddles.

baby development

Early stimulation would enhance the baby’s development, generates more communication with your child, allowing you to monitor day to day progress. A recent study revealed that a good posture when sitting baby influences brain development. We tell you why influences the baby’s posture to achieve greater brain development.

Sit it has its award

According to a study published in the journal Developmental Psychology, conducted by researchers at the State University of North Dakota and Texas, established that babies who are sitting for long periods have a greater ability to manipulate and inspect objects, thus obtaining more information about shapes and textures of the objects. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for when the baby leaves the diaper

A very important stage and equally tedious is when our babies start wanting to leave the diaper and start using the bathroom.

baby leaves diaper

Here precisely is when we stop to think a bit more about the needs and detail more about it, because when we have to go through this, we realize that much of what we are not informed before, or as commonly said, live until you realize what it really means each phase for our children and us as parents.

Patience above all

That’s right, patience is the key to success and even more so when it comes to our children and their process of development and learning. When leaving the diaper, patience must be your best tool. Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Personality

Although personality is built with the passage of time, all babies have a certain traits already marked from the moment of birth, that make them more sleepy, less weeping or laughing. The baby’s personality has nine inherited traits, that combined can give rise to three types of personality: the easy to treat, child who gets angry but slowly, and the combative. That can not be changed, but can enhance or diminish. Some features will be from birth, others can be seen at three months of age, and to evolve.

Baby personality

How to know the personality of the baby

First of all we should look how active is our baby. The less active babies usually do not accept physical games, but to be left at will, while very active babies have a high tolerance to stimulation, so you can get to get some gross motor projects as walking faster.

Another point to consider is that the regularity: there are babies that keep natural time to eat, sleep or even relieve themselves. It is important to be respected, as this can provide security. However, if we should not get too unpredictable strict routines is important-just of bedtime. Read the rest of this entry »

Why music is good for the baby

From classical to rock, the harmonies were created to caress your soul and join us. Today we’ll tell you why music is important in the growth and development of the baby.

baby music

The music, a force that crosses all barriers:

Music is a universal language, capable of transcending the barriers of race, religion, language and social differences. According to Dr. George Aswed, “music is a wonderful tool that helps to promote the time parents spend with their children as they read a book, play, sing magical part of the everyday moments of life that build the relationship affectionate with children”.

We do not need to own a prodigious voice to sing to our children. Babies naturally love the facial expressions of their parents, the inflection of his voice and the rhythmic repetition of words. These elements help to soothe, stimulate and entertain, facilitating the bond with your baby. Read the rest of this entry »

Changes in the baby every month

The first year of our children is a year of change permanent, after the first month, every day your little surprises you with new developments and achievements, his face also are changing and you start to play with your partner who is closer and who has inherited the color of the eyes and beautiful nose.

Baby growth

Small also begins to discover the world that awaits you, attentive to the movements shown to his surroundings; their muscles is taking force and his little body is plump. It makes the first smiles, which capture forever with your digital camera.

Growing baby, expectant parents:

As your baby grows, you will notice that his motor skills are increasing day by day and shows greater ability to manipulate things and toys. After three months, your baby will be ready to grab toys that you will reach and you put in their hands; give them one by one, giving the opportunity to develop the ability to “feel”. Read the rest of this entry »