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How does a baby brain develop?

The experiences and the experiences that have babies while they develop are modeling your brain to adapt to the environment. This molding is throughout life because it is the only way humans can adapt to the world around him. Are you curious to know how your baby’s brain develops to adapt to the environment and how it is able to develop and engage in any context? Attentive! We’ll explain below.

baby brain development

The baby’s brain

The baby’s brain has all the structures corresponding to the adult brain, but is immature, so they can develop in many different ways. For example, a baby can learn any language and have a perfect accent, and even learn more than one language at the same time.

This brain plasticity allows the baby to have a great capacity for learning any field. In an environment with many incentives for their proper development, lots of love, unconditional love and support of parents, the baby may learn more than you can imagine, as it will have optimal brain development. Read the rest of this entry »

Why babies change their eye color?

Your offspring is born with two blue lanterns. However, over the months that initial color has gone dark. Well, do not be alarmed; this color transformation is nothing abnormal. For peace of mind, today we will explain why babies change their eye color.

baby eye

Eyes of heaven

Most babies are born with blue eyes. However, this feature tends to mutate in the first year of life and, in most cases determined by the darkening of the iris. This change is attributed mainly to the production of melanin. Thus, this pigment is not present at birth, but over the months begins to manifest. However, not all light eyes are intended to darken; this will depend on the genes that are activated (the key) and not (recessive). Read the rest of this entry »

Games of stimulation for babies in the nature

Do you like to go to the field with the family? Very nice! Because it is an ideal to help you make your baby and you can teach a lot of different stimuli that nature gives you time.

Games of stimulation for babies

To find stimuli in nature you should just look around and feel. Feel the tickle of grass beneath your feet wet, see how light passes through the leaves of a tree, hear the wind move through the bushes … and then show it to your little one!

The nature excites little kids, and babies too. Go a family day out to the field and see how that day will be special for your baby because not stop discovering things with their senses. Read the rest of this entry »

3 common traits to newborn babies

Definitely did not expect this. What you just leave your interior does not look anything like Hollywood babies. It is a little bit … ugly. But do not feel bad; these types of “surprises” are quite common. The truth is that no one prepares us to take on the true aspect of the babies when they first come into the world, except us, of course. So we want to know all 3 common features to newborn babies.

traits to newborn babies

Elongated head

To finally see the light of day, your baby will go through the pelvis and birth canal, and then out through the vagina. If your little one has a hard and unyielding skull, this journey would become very difficult, if not almost impossible. But, it seems that Mother Nature has provided everything and has given a great ability to adapt to your little head. On the one hand, this feature facilitates labor, but on the other, makes your child has a long head. Read the rest of this entry »

Frequently defects in babies feet at birth

When babies are born they are perfect look for where you look, but is common during the first few weeks or even months some defects may appear in the natural way to place your feet.

baby feet defects

It can happen that is here to stay and to be corrected with time and with the growth of small, but in this article we want to explain what some of the most common defects in babies feet so you can be alert.

Flat feet

Why think flat feet? Although it tends to disappear for three years in a natural way (when the bow of the soles of the feet is formed), flat foot appears in children because they have a pad full of fat and hidden in the arc that should appear later. It looks clearly flat feet when the child walks. Read the rest of this entry »

When to take the chair eating a baby

There is no set to take the chair eating a baby age. This decision is always subject to the growth of your child and your own preferences. Overall, the chair is used between 18 months and 3 years, but your child may be the exception to this rule. So how do you know when to undertake this major transition? We’ll give you some clues.

When to take the chair eating a baby


Profuse tears, flying kicks and screams out of tune; lately, sit your child in the highchair is a real odyssey. Have you thought that your child may be in need of a bit more autonomy? In this sense, the kicking may be being a sign that your child is eager to have a little more independence. Try, then, with the chair for adults. Read the rest of this entry »

Helping your baby to explore their senses

When a baby comes into the world has a lifetime to explore. Your child will begin to discover the surrounding environment through their five senses. The taste, smell, hearing, touch and vision, will play a pivotal role in their daily discoveries.

Helping your baby to explore their senses

Here we explain how to help your baby explore your senses to help you discover the world around you.

The sense of vision in infants

Infants perceive visual sensations but do not understand the color; there are different voices and colors that shine more than others. But shapes not distinguish start until about six months. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for removing baby highchair to eat

Your baby is growing and soon will eat in his chair to sit at the table with the rest of the family. It is possible that this first change can be easy and will make illusion or otherwise, does not like it at all and want to begin with, and would not be playing with food, eating only what seems palatable. To help with the change, we tell you how to remove a baby highchair to eat.

baby highchair to eat

Family meals with the TV off

It is important that this point becomes a nice time where television skip the part shape and can talk about how we feel, if something important has happened or tell how the day went. Read the rest of this entry »

First baby steps: a whole scanner!

Does your baby already crawls or maybe has already begun to walk? Either way, your baby is already in motion … and that involve many risks! Now is a time when you must take into account many aspects of security and especially not remove your watchful eyes of your baby.

First baby steps

Not so long ago a baby just exploring what you gave him safely to suck and discover what it is. Now is he who wants to discover everything on your own and you must monitor his every move to prevent you from running any risk.

You baby is an explorer!

Now innate curiosity will not be able to do things quietly, and perhaps ever feel nervous, but you should not upset you and teach with patience and calm. Read the rest of this entry »

Different forms of the baby crawl

Is your baby already in the age of crawl? Then we are sure that you will like to read the following article. If so surely now it is not so quiet and already begins to move wanting to explore it all.

baby crawling

This new mobility makes you feel something more independent and will surely cost you to change his diaper and even his dress every day. It is something completely normal! Now your desire to discover new things is endless and it is at this stage of crawling so pretty that the laughter and family fun are guaranteed.

Your baby crawls different

Do not worry because not all babies crawl the same way. Even there are babies that the stage of the scrambling they skip it and go directly to stand. Read the rest of this entry »